Thursday, May 29, 2014

Minister for Communications on the Right to be Forgotten

Greetings from the opening of "Information: the Currency of the Digital Economy" conference in Canberra, by Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for Communications. The Minister is asking if you have the right to be forgotten online. The conference is run by the National Archives of Australia. The program is available and the opening session is being webcast live:
  • opening address by The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Minister for Communications
  • video conference presentation by Dave Adamson, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, on 'Exploring the Canadian experience'
  • an address by David Fricker, Director-General, National Archives of Australia, titled 'Digital continuity and the digital economy – towards 2020'
Questions can be tweeted: @naa_digital and use the hashtag #IAM_2014.

The minister spent part of his speech discussing open data initiatives in government. This brings up a problem for the National Archives of Australia (NAA), as its charter covers only "dead" data after agencies are finished with it. Much of the useful data is still live in agencies of the government. I suggest NAA needs to assist with how to provide this live data, even if that is not in their mandate.

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