Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Flathead Cafe, Canberra

Tom Worthington at O'Connor This is a travel report with a difference. About 50 paces from my front door in Canberra are the O'Connor shops. At 10:30 am one table outside the Flathead Cafe is in sunshine. On a calm, cool, clear day (like today), it is a wonderful place to have morning tea. Such are the benefits of being your own boss, with a Smart Apartment. :-)

In the background of the photo you can see a new apartment building. It doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the block, but I guess real estate agents like all the angular steel.

ps: I took this photo of myself with a camera phone. Flip phones have their own tripod built in: Place the phone on a flat surface with the handset bent at 90%, aim it, set the self-timer and then sit down to take your own photo.

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