Thursday, January 05, 2023

Virtual Bendy Busses for Canberra

Autonomous Bus,
by ST Engineering, 
SITCE conference,
2 November 2022
In Singapore a few weeks ago I saw an autonomous electric bus on display at a transport conference. This is intended for regular routes, but is still a work in progress. What would be possible sooner is convoys of buses for the express routes from Civic to Woden and Turragnong. At peak times one bus with a driver would be followed by one or more driverless, making a virtual bendy bus. This would have a higher capacity than light rail, at a lower cost. 

First published  :33 am 29 Dec 22, as a comment on "Canberra's first of 12 electric buses charging up ready for next year", 28 December 2022, Lottie Twyford, Riot Act

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