Friday, March 11, 2022

Second Hough COVID-19 Home Test With Flat Battery

This week I purchased a Hough SARS-Cov-2 Rapid Antigen Rapid Test Kit from a supermarket in Sydney. This contained 5 tests and a UV torch. The battery for the torch is flat. A previous Hough kit purchased from a different supermarket a few weeks ago also had a flat battery. 

The battery supplied is branded "Malt Max" and has the date 01-2027 printed on it. Unlike the previous kit, this one had a card explaining how to insert the battery in the torch. But it doesn;t say how to test the torch is working, or that any AA battery can be used. The kit has a manufacturing date of 2022.01.08, Lot SA220108 Use by date 2023-01-07 and bar-code 8 60006 49851 1.

I have reported the problem to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, as well as letting Hough Pharma, and the supermarket. One faulty kit from one batch is understandable, but two manufactured a month apart is of concern.

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