Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Less Wobbly Toilet Seat With a Cake Pan and a Piece of Car Trim

Toilet seat with top fixings,
and take off fixing.
Over Christmas I stayed with friends who had a wobbly toilet seat. This is the type with "top fixing", a concealed hinge and "take off" seat, all of which makes it less secure.

seat fixing kit
The fixings were loose, and no amount of tightening made a difference. So I bought a seat fixing kit. The nylon plugs were more secure, and the Allen keyed bolts were easier to tighten than the Phillips-head originals.

cake pan
However, the fitting on the replacement kits was smaller than the original, and the seat would not clip on. So I used the replacement bolt and plug, with the original fitting, which worked fine. Refitting the seat, I found it more secure, but it still wobbled. So next I added silicone gaskets (cut from a cake pan).

PVC Pinchweld
The gaskets made the mounting more secure, but it still slipped. So the final step was to add 340 mm of PVC Pinchweld to the front lip of the seat. This fits around the outside of the front quarter of the toilet bowl, and locks the seat in place, stopping it moving sideways.

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