Monday, January 13, 2020

Gambling industry seeking to promote sports betting via websites

I received this disturbing email, offering payment for including promotions for betting on my website:
"... I am a freelancer working with several big agencies together and came during my research onto your website. It would be a pleasure to publish an article on your site that perfectly matches the subject of your site. In this/our article that is related to the subject of your site we would like to integrate a dofollow link to our customers site and a small picture. Our customer is engaged in the gambling industry/society. The correct article however can be discussed at a later stage. As mentioned the article should provide an additional value to the core audience of your site. On the brink of that article we would just write a few words about our customer from the gambling industry (sports bets / casino). We are also happy either to have the article written by you or if you wish we can send you a complete version. May I please point strongly out that it is NOT meant the article to be marked as an advertisement, promotion, advertorial etc.
Is that something you offer or can accomodate me with and if the answer would be positive what would the cost be annually? In case you operate more sites than the one I enquire about and that serve my requirements please do not hesitate to offer me those.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards ..."

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