Sunday, December 11, 2016

Alternative EPG for TiVo?

On 2 December my eight year old TiVo Personal Video Recorder (PVR) failed to update the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), with the error message "N18 Failed While Configuring". I thought nothing of this until the end of this week, when the unit started to run out of program information. The TiVo Australia website says:

"TiVo Support and Hybrid Television Services have been made aware of an issue and are working to identify the cause of the problem. Due to the complexity of the issue, there is currently no know resolution timeframe. ..."
 It goes on to detail how to manually record, but without any form of EPG this is a very cumbersome task. Without the EPG the TiVo is essentially unusable. The Tivo General Discussion forum on Whirlpool speculates if this is the end of TiVo in Australia and what the alternatives are.

A quick look for TiVo alternatives suggests that the Beyonwiz T2, is the closest, being a Lnux based unit. Or perhaps someone has an easy hack for a TiVo to work with another EPG?

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Tom Worthington said...

My TiVo succesfully updated the EPG 5pm, Sunday, 11 December 2016, more than a week after it stopped working. No explanation was offered on the TiVo website and there was no message on the TiVo's message system about this.