Thursday, September 01, 2016

Digital Disruption of Retail Food

FoodByUs are offering to connect those who make food at home with those who want to buy it, much as Uber connects drivers with passengers. However, this brings up similar regulatory problems, which make take years to resolve. This is perhaps a move back to an earlier time when it was common for people to work from home.

Governments will need to make the regulations simpler, in line with 21st century needs. Also those who want to run a business at home will need to understand that there are requirements they have to meet for public safety and this will involve cost and limit what they can do.

As an example, the NSW Food Authority points out that home-based food businesses are subject to the same regulations as other manufacturing and wholesaling enterprises. They need to need to notify the NSW Food Authority, meet food safety requirements, labeling requirements, have a way to issue a recall, prepare to be inspected by the Food Authority and local council under the Food Standards Code, (and possibly pay for inspection),meet hygiene requirements for food handlers. Their kitchens and storerooms must meet cleanliness requirements.

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