Monday, June 20, 2016

ACS 2016 Federal Election Manifesto

The Australian Computer Society (which I am a member of) has published a 17 page "ACS 2016 Federal Election Manifesto", covering five key areas: 1. Digital skills and digital literacy, 2. Diversity, 3. Cyber security, 4. NBN and 5. Policy framework. Some Comments on the proposals:
  1. Digital skills and digital literacy: The ACS proposes training teachers and educational techniques to support new skills for students. This is something I have spent the last four years doing, leaning how to teach about IT, using IT. This might involve some politically unpalatable changes to education, such as increasing class sizes and involving parents more in the eduction of their children.
  2. Diversity: Increasing diversity in the workforce, I suggest starts with providing education opportunity. In particular, providing more support for schooling, vocational and university education on-line will allow those who would otherwise be excluded to take part.
  3. Cyber security: The ACS is making bold claim that cyber security is the "... biggest single threat to Australia fully capturing the opportunities of the information age ...". I suggest that while cyber security is important, education is a bigger issue.
  4. NBN: The ACS argues for high-quality and pervasive broadband, which I agree with. However, I think it is time to retire the term "NBN".
  5. Policy framework: ACS suggests a collaborative, open approach to national policy development. Unfortunately I can't see party politics ending any time soon. As a result I suggest it is up to bodies such as ACS to provide the open collaborative forums for policy development.

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