Monday, January 18, 2016

How to Write a Drama/Comedy Screenplay

SBS have resealed  a resource guide students on "How to Write a Dramedy Screenplay" (11 January 2016) by Moneth Montemayor, Benjamin Law. This is associated with the TV show "Family Law" and there is also a competition for students. This is the second of the SBS educational packages, after the launch of their education website late last year. Unfortunately SBS seems unable to clearly communicate what they are doing with education.

In this case SBS are promoting a screen-writing completion for students, almost to the exclusion of the educational aspects. Reading the website, and the promotion for it, it is hard to work out there is a serious educational resource provided, rather than just a competition to promote a TV show.

Using the term "Dramedy" makes the material much harder to understand. Perhaps this will appeal to the 15-20 year-old audience, but I suspect very few, outside the media business will be able to make sense of this.

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