Sunday, February 08, 2015

Goulburn Brewery

Goulburn Brewery
Greetings from the "Goulburn Brewery", or more properly "BRADLEY GRANGE", an historic site near Canberra. This is claimed to be Australia’s oldest surviving brewery complex, with a building claimed to be designed by colonial architect Francis Greenway. Some beer is still brewed on site. Comfortable accommodation is available in the former brewer's cottages. The Maudslay Beam Steam Engine, which operated the mill at the brewery, is now at the Power House Museum in Sydney (it would be good if this could be returned).

The book "Remembering the first time : Francis Howard Greenway at work in Australia" Michael O'Halloran, 2006), gives some history of the
Goulburn Brewery buildings and argues the case for Francis Greenway being the architect.

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