Friday, September 29, 2006

HondaDog W.O.W Concept Car

A friend wanted a new car to carry two people and a dog. So I thought I would search the web for dog carrying systems. I found the expected pet barriers, boxes, harnesses and books. Some of these things seemed a little obsessive, such as four wheeled stroller for dogs. But also there was a specially designed car for dogs: The HondaDog W.O.W Concept Car.

This has a range of doggy support systems all in the one experimental vehicle. The first is an oversize mesh glove box to carry a small dog.

The base of the centre row of seats flips forward to provide space for a medium size dog, much like a child seat.

The most practical seems to be an anchor point in the floor which you can attach a harness to for a large dog. To make this more dog-friendly, the anchor point is shaped like a dog bone.

There is also a bar near the door to tie a dog to when the car is open.

Google's automated translations from Japanese don't do to well on the descriptions of these, but you get the idea:

"When cup thing driving together, being if possible, soon as for the owner we would like placing safely, many expectation. Answering the desire of such an owner this “center crate”. It slides the rear seat up to the last section and producing the extra seat which is received under that floor, if it causes the pad of the seat back and the bearing surface, you turn quickly to the center crate which it can ride to the medium-sized dog. Also 4 name riding in a car are possible in this state. Exactly is even in the going out in the family."

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