Friday, April 28, 2006

The da Vinci Code, the Louvre and the Smart Car

LouvreThere are about 24 million references to Dan Brown's book "The da Vinci Code" on the web, so I added my own.

It was an okay sort of book, less silly than Matthew Reilly's "Seven Deadly Wonders" but not as well written or plausible as John Birmingham's "Weapons of Choice".

So I thought I should jump on the bandwagon. I got out an old photo of the Louvre from a 1994 trip, a photo of a Smart Car which features in a chase through the streets of Paris in the book and did a short web page. I put Google AdSense ads on the page and this was immediately filled with ads for hotels in Paris and conspiracy theory books.

One interesting aspect I found is that as part of selling the book, Amazon includes a search facility. So for example you can find all references to "Louvre". This should be a boon for conspiracy theorists. ;-)

If anyone reads the page I might dig out some old photo from Rome, where I stayed in a Convent and attended a wedding where the bridge and groom where blessed by the Pope at the Vatican and videoed one of the wedding guests being mugged in the street.

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