Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Retrofitting offices apartments for sustainability

The University of Sydney is hosting a workshop on "Retrofitting Using Bioclimatic Principles: Looking for Value Adding", 3 August 2009. This concludes with a keynote lecture by Dr Ken Yeang, author of Ecodesign: A Manual for Ecological Design, Eco Skyscrapers, Dictionary of Eco Design and other works.
It is common to apply sustainable principles to new buildings and this has produced very good results. But what about our existing building stock? Can the same sustainability principles be applied when existing buildings are renovated? These are important questions for all architects and related professionals. This conference will bring together local experts and internationally renowned architect Dr Ken Yeang from Malaysia and the UK to look at the current research and its application to warming climates.

What will the workshop discuss?
* Bioclimatic design principles for renovation of office and multi residential buildings
* Green technologies available for retrofitting
* Retrofitting Comfort
* Trend analysis of environmental performance
* Building performance modelling
* Financial Modelling
* Value adding through sustainable retrofitting
* Case studies - success stories

Some of the Speakers include:

* Dr Ken Yeang, Principal, T.R. Hamzah & Yeang, Malaysia
* Franc Barram, ENSIGHT
* Dr Richard de Dear, University of Sydney
* Lester Partridge, AECOM, Sydney
* Dr Edward Halawa, University of Southern Australia
* Assoc. Professor Mark Luther, School of Architecture & Building, Deakin University
* Professor Deo Prasad, Faculty of Built Environment, University of NSW
* Mr Pat Cody, AECOM, Sydney
* Craig Roussa, INVESTA
* Dr Leena Thomas, University of Technology, Sydney
* Dr Davi Leifer and Mr Alan Obrart, The University of Sydney
* Mr Bruce Precious, Low Energy High Rise, Warren Centre
* Dr Marci Webster-Mannison, The University of Queensland (TBC)
* Postgradute students ...

Who Should attend?
Builders, local Government planning, engineering and management professionals, private sector development specialists and other professionals ...

From: "Retrofitting Using Bioclimatic Principles: Looking for Value Adding", USyd, 14 July 2009

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