Friday, July 17, 2009

Wikipedia for iPhones

As pointed out in a comment on my post "Wikipedia for Mobiles", there is a smart phone interface for the Wikipedia at using Ruby. This doesn't divide the pages into smaller pieces, as the mobile phone version does (a feature to add a table of contents and then divide the pages at major headings would be useful). By way of comparison the ANU web page on Online Systems and Services for Teaching is appended. The page is 200 kbytes, not much smaller than the 261 kbyts of the desktop version:

Online Systems and Services for Teaching

In 2009 the ANU introduced a new framework to bring together the online systems and services used for teaching and learning. 'WATTLE' (Web Access To Teaching & Learning Environments) commenced with a pilot of Moodle for selected courses in first semester 2009. The system is being used to support flexible and distance education courses as well as conventional on campus education. Green ICT Strategies (COMP7310), is the first flexible course to use the system.

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