Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Airservices Australia thin clients

Airservices Australia have issued a Request for Tender "Provision of Desktop PCs, Notebooks PCs, Servers and related Financial Services" (ASA PRN 964, 14-Jul-2009) which includes provision for about two thirds of their more than 1,000 desktop PCs to be replaced with thin clients. There are also requirements for the supplier to specify energy consumption and dispose of old equipment and packaging.

Unfortunately the tender document doesn't appear to require any environmental standards to be complied with. So for example, there is no requirement for energy use to be measured in a standard way, nor the old equipment and packaging to be recycled in accordance with any environmental standards.

4.3 Desktop PCs

It is anticipated that Airservices will require approximately 1680 Desktop PCs over the next three years. If the deployment of thin client devices occurs, these figures are estimated to be 33% Desktop PCs and 66% Thin Client devices of the 1680 PCs.

4.11 Environmental Factors

4.11.1 Wake on LAN Technology

All Desktop PCs and Notebook PCs should have the capability to be powered down by the user at the end of their shift or the end of the day and be able to be woken and powered up to enable the installation of software updates and packages. Upon finalisation of the installation, they should then be powered down.

4.11.2 Sleep Mode

All Desktop PCs, Notebook PCs and Monitors should have the capability to be able to go into sleep or hibernation mode when not used for a certain period of time.

4.11.3 Recycling and Disposal Methods

On the return of hardware, the successful Tenderer must have a process or program in place which allows the recycling of hardware or components of the hardware. This may include on selling, donations or breaking down the equipment for other uses. Tenderers must state if trade-in options are available for items Airservices have purchased as assets.

In the event there is disposal, Airservices needs to understand the process used by each Tenderer.

Airservices would also prefer the Tenderer to provide a general disposal option for other IT related items that need to be disposed of and recycled where possible. This would include the Tenderer having the capability to pick up IT related equipment in metropolitan locations (and where possible regional sites) including items that are not vendor specific. If charges relate to this service, this should be noted in the Tenderer’s response. Any minimum pick up requirements should also be noted.

4.11.4 Power Consumption

Power consumption of each device is to be provided with the Tender response. In addition, Airservices would prefer the option to acquire power packs for the items where possible that utilise less power.

4.11.5 Cooling Requirements

In relation to server equipment, Airservices needs to be provided with detailed information regarding the cooling requirements for each server.

4.11.6 Packaging

Airservices is focused on reducing the impact on the environment and where practically possible, would like to reduce the amount of packaging used for the delivery of equipment. This may include reducing the manuals and CDs/DVDs typically included with each order if they are not required by the user. ...

From: "Provision of Desktop PCs, Notebooks PCs, Servers and related Financial Services", Request for Tender, Airservices , ASA PRN 964, 14-Jul-2009

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