Thursday, July 09, 2009

Global 50% CO2 Reduction by 2050

The Group of Eight meeting in L’Aquila issued a declaration on Responsible Leadership for a Sustainable Future 8 July 2009. This supported a reduction in co2 emissions from 1990 levels by 2050 of 50% globally and by developed countries of 80%. Unfortunately there was no mention of short terms goals within a practical time frame, such as by 2020. There was support for cap & trade schemes and carbon trading.

International aviation and maritime transport were singled out as significant and growing source of emissions. Research and development in basic and applied clean technology research and development was also mentioned. Unfortunately there was no mention of measures to reduce energy use, which are likely to be more practical in the sort term, over the next ten years, than "clean technology" which will take many decades to be developed and implemented. I will be teaching some of the reduction measures to students around the world in COMP7310: Green ICT Strategies at The Australian National Universityfrom late July.

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