Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leadership Training for the Australian Government

Austrade have issued a Request for Tender for "Harvard Business Publishing Online Content". Perhaps they should have made the RFT about materials for leadership and management education, not specifically the material which only one company has the rights to supply. Harvard Business Publishing supply the materials Austrade has asked for, so it is not clear how Austrade were planning to have a competitive tender process.

The contractor is required to provide Harvard ManageMentor, Essential Leader, Case in Point, Stepping Up To Management, Leadership Transitions, Harvard Business Publishing Centres, Leading for Results, Fifty Lessons, Harvard Business Review Reprints and Faculty Seminar Series. These are all good materials, but other organisations provide other similar material. In addition, Austrade might want to consider online collaborative education for their staff, rather than just passive reading of web pages.

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Unknown said...

Hi Tom
I would like to point out an inacuracy in your blog, as my company is one of three who can supply HBP content to Austrade. As for Fifty Lessons content, there are at least 6 who can supply it in Australia.
As an alternative to online collaboration, which I absolutely encourage, I strongly support clients who use HBP's online content to integrate it seamlessly with a variety of learning methodologies and modes, so agree that "...passive reading of web pages" is an undesirable learning approach.

Kind regards