Sunday, July 05, 2009

Defence Research Summer Vacation Scholarships

The Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) is offering 68 university students $4,050 tax-free each for a 12-week research project in the Summer Vacation Scholarship Program. Applications can be made online and close 19 July 2009, with the projects running from late November 2009 to mid February 2010 accross Australia.

It should be noted that while the projects involve exotic technologies, such as hypersonic aircraft, they are not exclusively about engineering and science, some require skill in fine arts. Projects include working out how to best use the Canberra class Landing Helicopter Dock ships, underwater robots, trimaran warships, and submarines.

The Projects

  1. Air Operations
  2. Air Vehicles
  3. Command, Control, Communication & Intelligence/ Electronic Warfare & Radar
  4. Human Protection and Performance
  5. Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance/ Joint Operations, Systems Analysis, Systems/Land Operations
  6. Maritime Operations
  7. Maritime Platform
  8. Human factors/Projects & Requirements
  9. Weapons Systems

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