Thursday, May 16, 2024

Slow Battery Powered High Speed Train for New Developments Between Canberra, Woolongong, Sydney, and Newcastle

Battery Powered Inter-city Train
Under Development
, Railway Gazette,
5 June 2023
This is to suggest 200 kph battery powered high speed trains be run between Canberra,  Sydney, and Newcastle. The trains would run at the lowest speed considered "high", and be modified diesel-electric units, to reduce cost. The batteries would be recharged from overhead catenary wires, extending ten kilometers each side of the stations. The catenary would provide ten minutes charging, while the train slows, stops, then accelerates. This would reduce the size of batteries needed, as the train would be at full speed before it switched to battery power. New settlements would be built, so that stations are no more than 100 km apart, thus limiting the battery capacity needed. The increase in land value from new homes would provide billions of dollars to offset the cost of the rail line. The overhead wires would be powered from the grid at the settlements, with rest of the track would be un-powered, to reduce cost. 

Thursday, May 09, 2024

CIT Cafe and Apprentice Kitchen

Greetings from the CIT Cafe and Apprentice Kitchen in Canberra. This is run by students of the Canberra Institute of Technology, with food cooked by the catering students. There is a formal restaurant upstairs open evenings.

There is some military meeting taking place nearby with people in uniform walking past the Cafe. At least if war breaks out, they will be well fed. :-)