Friday, November 13, 2009

Problems with LuLu Publishing system

My book "Green Technology Strategies: Using computers and telecommunications to reduce carbon emissions" is available printed on demand by, or so I thought. LuLu will distribute books via conventional book stores for an additional fee. Part of the process is to purchase a copy of the book yourself to check before distribution. The LuLu system sent me a message saying the book had been dispatched, but a week later the book has not arrived and I have a curious error message. On the face of it this seems to say that LuLu's system has run out od disk space:
From: "support...
Subject: Problem with Lulu content item ...

Dear Lulu Customer,

We regret to inform you that there has been a problem fulfilling an order for Our printer has delivered us the following error:

190: CID 7798786 Error - Failed to download resource "" to local file "C:\lulu_testing\job_repository\...\7798786\7798786_cover.pdf", error was: There is not enough space on the disk

Lulu Support...