Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Canberra planning forum agenda

The National Capital Authority (NCA) will hold a public forum on planning in Canberra, at Parliament House Canberra, 6pm, 26 November 2009. One controversial topic on the agenda is the new ASIO Building.

I have lodged the question: "What changes have been made to the national capital planning process to take into account the development of the Internet". With is I had in mind both the effect on the physical structure of the city and the way consultations on planning are done.

With the availability of high speed broadband it should not be as necessary to concentrate people in one place, nor have them travel as much for meetings. As an example, NCA are videoing the Canberra meeting. Unfortunately they are not planning to distribute the video for several weeks, making it of little value for consultation purposes. Instead NCA could have streamed the event, allowing people who could not get to Canberra, or to Parliament House to take part.

Here is the agenda for the meeting:
National Capital Authority Public Forum 26 November 2009

Order of Proceedings

All times are approximate and will depend on the level of participant interest

Time Action
6.00 Dr Allan Hawke - Moderator:
  • Welcome
  • Format of the evening
  • Indicative date for the 2010 Public Forum
  • Introduction to the panel
Segment 1: Functions of the NCA
6.10 Chairman’s Overview
NCA presentation:
  • Statutory Functions
  • Budget & Staffing
  • Designated Areas (map)
  • National Land (map)
6.30 Open Forum
Questions and comments from the audience relating to the general functions of the NCA.
Topics already identified in early RSVPs include:
  • Consultation
  • Strategic Planning in the ACT
  • Sustainability
Segment 2: Topic Spe cific Discuss ions
7.00 Topics already identified in early RSVPs include:
  • The New Commonwealth Building Project (ASIO Building)
  • Constitution Avenue
  • Heritage Management
  • Lake Burley Griffin
  • Landscape of the National Capital
  • Parking Management
  • Planning
  • Carillon
  • Administration of Canberra Avenue
  • Monash Drive
  • World War I and II Memorials
8.00 If necessary - Short break for tea/coffee
8.10 If necessary - Resume Topic Specific Discussions

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