Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Australian Government Cyber Security Strategy

The Federal Attorney-General, Robert McClelland has released an Australian Government Cyber Security Strategy. This is a high risk strategy as it proposes transferring the functions of the successful and experienced non-government AusCert to an inexperienced government body. A better strategy would be to resource AusCert so it can provide services to non-government bodies and work with DSD to look after government and military computer security.

The Australian Government Cyber Security Strategy has three objectives:
  1. Make Australians aware of cyber risks,
  2. Make businesses operate secure and resilient information and communications technologies,
  3. Secure Australian Government information and make communications technologies resilient.

The seven Strategic priorities are:

  1. Improve the detection, analysis, mitigation and response to sophisticated cyber threats,
  2. Provide Australians with information and tools to protect themselves online,
  3. Partner with business to promote security and resilience,
  4. Protection of government ICT systems,
  5. Promote a secure, resilient and trusted global electronic operating environment,
  6. Maintain an effective legal framework and enforcement against cyber crime,
  7. Promote research and development of cyber security a skills.

By early 2010 the Australian Government expects to have:

  1. CERT Australia: with Attorney-General’s Department taking over AusCert's responsibilities. This will incorporate the Australian Government Computer Emergency Readiness Team,
  2. Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC): The Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) will continue to provide civilian and military government agencies with cyber security assistance.

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