Thursday, November 05, 2009

CSIRO ICT Centre Conference

Greeting from the 2009 CSIRO ICT Centre Conference. Each year the CSIRO ICT Centre runs a conference for its own staff and invited guests. This year I have been helping with a project featured in the conference and so had the opportunity to attend. There are several hundred people at the conference, with two days of presentations and about two hundred posters. Ken Taylor's VotaPedia system (a CSIRO product) was used last year to choose the best Best Poster and is being used again this year.

After recent success with its wireless patent, the ICT Centre is making sure to protect any idea with commercial potental. But some papers from previous years are available from CSIRO and those from this year will be availble. One or two papers are alreadyavialable, such as "FEM registration for pre- and post-surgery images of Brain Cancer Patients" (Poster, article).

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