Monday, November 02, 2009

Government web guide blog

The Australian Government Information Management Office have set up the "Government Web Publishing Guide Review Project Blog". As the name suggests, this is a blog for the project reviewing the government web publishing guidelines. Like many organisations, the Australian Government has struggled to work out how to use blogs. So far the blog is a little cold and impersonal. AGIMO could afford to lighten the tone a little. But at least they have not made the mistake of some politicians who have tried a young hip cool style which sound phoney. AGIMO's previous attempt at consultation on web guidelines was entertaining, but not very useful. AGIMO also asked about the use of PDF.

My notes on website design and e-document management for Australian National University students may be of interest. These use Australian Government examples and have been used for teaching public servants and staff of companies contracted to the government since 2000. This year was the last I will be giving conventional lectures for, having decided that flexible learning would be better.

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