Monday, November 16, 2009

EduRoam wireless network for global education

The Australian National University has activated EduRoam on its Canberra campus. Staff and students of participating particapating EduRoam institutions can use the ANU wireless service and those with an ANU user id can use wireless at the other campuses around the world.

Setting up for EduRoam is a little complicated as it uses 802.1x authentication (PEAPv1 with EAP-GTC). Another complication is that EduRoam doesn't work for locals, that is the EduRoam system is just for visitors, you have to remember to use your own university wireless system when at your own institution. Also the user id is different when you are roaming, as you have to include the domain name for your own institution (so "", rather than just "myid").

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