Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green IT Skills at World Computer Congress

This is to request comments and corrections for my talk "Teaching Sustainable ICT Competencies with Tablet Computers", in the Sustain IT stream of the World Computer Congress 2010, Brisbane, 12 noon, 23 September 2010. The new Australian Government could use these techniques to provide skills via broadband in regional Australia.
The first globally available and accredited Green ICT course for computer professionals commenced in January 2009. Sponsored by the Australian Computer Society, as part of an international program for professional education, the course is also now run at the masters’ level by the Australian National University and several other Australian and North American institutions. Course designer Tom Worthington discusses how e-learning is used with mentored and collaborative techniques to deliver professional education on mobile devices.

From: Teaching Sustainable ICT Competencies with Tablet Computers: My first year's experience setting the global standard for green ICT professional education, Tom Worthington FACS CP HLM, Version 1.0, 15 September 2010
Web slides to accompany the talk are also available.

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