Friday, September 17, 2010

Web Browsing on the Amazon Kindle DX In Australia

Just noticed that the Amazon Kindle DX e-Book reader now allows web browsing in Australia. My Green Technology Strategies book includes hypertext links to web resources. Previously, this was frustrating for the Kindle reader, as when they clicking on the links nothing happened. Now web pages are displayed.

The Kindle's web interface is limited. Web pages are slow to load, the display is monochrome and the support for web formatting limited. The display reminded me of the Mosaic web browser from fifteen years ago. However, the interface is usable and could suit corporate and educational environments, where the user should not be distracted by flashy web content and be looking for solid information.

The newer Kindle 3 is reported to have a web browser
based on WebKit, as used by Apple and Google, with much better page rendering. There is also an “Article Mode” intended for maximising the display of the text of a web page on the small screen.

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