Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brisbane Advanced Journey Planner

The Brisbane Advanced Journey Planner is almost as good as Sydney's excellent, Transport Info 131500.This allows you to enter a street address or landmark for where you want to get from and to and the system suggests a combination of trains, buses, ferries and walking. I plotted a route from where I am staying to the World Computer Congress 2010, at South Brisbane.

One deficiency was that there are no maps (that I could find) to get me to and from the transit stops. The system says to get on a certain bus, but does not show exactly where to get on. So I had to juggle between the low resolution timetable map and Google maps to work out where the bus stop might be. In contrast the Sydney system gives a custom map for each journey, showing where to walk to get from stop to stop.

As an example here are the recommendations for getting from City Hall to the Convention Centre in Brisbane and Sydney. The difference is that the Sydney system has a map. This can be important as finding a bus stop in a strange city can be difficult. Also it is a useful check to make sure you are on route to the correct "convention centre".Link

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