Thursday, September 30, 2010

Online Consultation for Australian National Broadband Network

The new Australian Government is implementing a $42b "National Broadband Network" (NBN) to provide a fibre optic connection to most homes. This is more than a little controversial, with Australia's new minority government dependant on independent parliamentarians who want broadband in regional areas. So the government needs to be seen to be doing a credible job on broadband or they will not be the government.

One of the areas chosen for the new system is "Gungahlin", a satellite town in the north of Canberra. The Gungahlin Community Council is holding a meeting to discuss the NBN. One of the Senators representing the area, Senator Kate Lundy, is a long time supporter of using the Internet for community consultation and there will be live online participation in the event.

Gungahlin was the site of a Telstra broadband trial with the ACT Government. The project started in mid 1993 and was abandoned in late 1996.

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