Thursday, December 10, 2009

PM on Our Broadband Future

Greetings from the Realising Our Broadband Future forum at University of NSW in Sydney (you can participate remotely). Senator Kate Lundy. will be launching my book "Green Technology Strategies" in her speech. But first the Minister for Communications will introduce Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister.

The PM talked about the NBN as the infrastructure for jobs of the 21st century, as the railways were in previous times: "Slow broadband is holding our nation back ... Australians want high speed broadband." The PM quoted a claim that broadband could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Australia by 5%. The PM announced $26.5M in grants across Australia $2.3M Ambulance mobile connect in SA: mobile terminals in ambulances. $7.5 Health E-Towns. Also $500,000 for bushfire spotting in North East Victoria. $5M Hunter health for telehealth. WA for buhfire prediction and warning services. $4.9M for e-learning in Tasmania at the NBN pilot towns. $4M CDM health project for cronic desease management accross Austrlaia.

The program for the morning is: Opening Remarks: Forum Co-chair - Dr Paul Twomey, Senator, the Hon. Stephen Conroy, Opening Address, Prime Minister, the Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, Mike Quigley, Chief Executive Officer of NBN Co., Jeffrey Cole, Director USC Annenberg School.


Turlough said...

Thanks for the summary Tom. Good to see ICT get that acknowledgement.


Tom Worthington said...

Turlough wrote December 18, 2009 11:38 AM:

>Thanks for the summary Tom. ...

Where did the PM's claim of a 5% greenhouse gas saving from broadband come from? Was it Telstra?