Friday, December 11, 2009

Destroyed my router with netbook power supply

Huawei D100 3G RouterA few minutes ago I plugged the 20 Volt power supply from my Kogan netbook into my Huawei D100 3G Wireless Router. The router is designed to run on 12 volts and as a result no longer works. Can anyone suggest how to fix the router (it is possible just a component in the power regulator has been destroyed)? I know I am not the first to plug a Kogan power supply into this model router by mistake (one black plug looks much like another). More generally we need some standards for power plugs to stop this happening. One solution would be to USB.


Gye Greene said...

Yow - that's exactly what I'm always afraid of!

For all my power supplies (music gear, computer, cell phone chargers) I (obsessively?) label both the wall-wart and the plug end with a white address label (folded in half, around the plug), and a pen.


Tom Worthington said...

Gye Greene wrote V December 11, 2009 9:59 PM:

>"... label both the wall-wart and the plug ..."

Until Friday I thought that an unnecessary and obsessive thing to do. Now I know better. ;-(