Sunday, December 20, 2009

E-portfolios for Vocational Education

The Australian Flexible Learning Framework have announced some very small grants for E-portfolio Implementation Trials in 2010 ($25,000 in total for three trials). Also there are: VET E-portfolio Data Protection Assessment, Verification of Learner Information Investigation, and the VET E-portfolios Roadmap.

It should be noted that these are vocational training initiatives funded by a consortium of the federal and state governments for TAFEs and other Registeed Training Organisations (RTOs). There are also e-portfolio initiatives within the higher education sector, funded by the federal government. So university courses already make use of e-portfolios, such as the ANU Engineering Internship (ENGN3200), where this makes up 20% of the assesment.

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CV Template said...

eProfolios are the rage in university courses now particularly at the Masters level. I used one recently called Pebbledash - quite impressed with the features .... it contains blog, website, CV and eportfolio options all under one roof. Only issue is you're not learning technology that you'll use outside of the eProfolio environment.