Tuesday, December 08, 2009

EduRoam: Using your uni id to access wireless elsewhere

ANU have signed up to Eduroam, a global co-operative that allows you to use your ANU user-id on wireless networks at other universities around the world. Has anyone tried it?

One catch with the service is that it doesn't work at ANU for ANU ids. That is, if you are at ANU with a ANU user-id, you can't use EduRoam. So there does not seem to be any easy way to try it, before travelling.

I tried using CSIRO's EduRoam (their ICT Centre is in the Computer Science and IT Building at ANU), but could not get it to work with my ANU user id.

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Lauren Thompson (Kane) said...

Hi Tom,
I have successfully logged into EduRoam at Uni Canberra and also at Uni Adelaide, both on my laptop and iPhone in both instances.