Friday, February 29, 2008

Digital Education Revolution

Part of the new Australian government's policy is to provide computers for school children. But there is more to the so called Digital Education Revolution of the part of the Australian Government Education Revolution policy. The plan is to spend $100 million by June 2008 and start planning for broadband connections. There is a mailing list for updates.

One billion dollars over four years is to be spent on
  1. National Secondary School Computer Fund: up to $1 million per school for ICT for secondary students in Years 9 – 12. While the priority is (including thin clients), the money can also be spent on data projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras and other technology.
  2. Broadband connections to Australian schools: up to $100 million for high-speed fibre-to-the-school (FTTS)
  3. Online curriculum content development
  4. ICT Training for teachers
  5. Web portals for parents.

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An interesting discussion is developing about the Digital Education Revolution over here: