Thursday, February 21, 2008

Online learning systems and plagarism detection

In case I created the impression that all you needed was a web based e-learning system and then all the work was done, here are some of the announcements of what is being done to get the Australian National Unviersity set up for this semester:


Friday, 22 February, 2-3pm, Manning Clark 2 (near the Student Union)

Everything you need to know about teaching services and support in 60 minutes for all new and continuing ANU teaching and sessional staff. Covers: WebCT4 replacement, academic honesty and plagiarism detection software, Alliance (for online collaborative group projects and research), Flexible Learning Group and more. PROGRAM >>


Friday 22 February 2008, 3:15-4.45pm followed by drinks in the foyer

An info session for all new and continuing ANU sessional and teaching staff. Covers: ANU student profile for 2008, excellence in tutoring and teaching, HR issues, ANU & College support and ANU training opportunities, more. PROGRAM >>


Various times from Friday 15 February to 13 March or organise your own group session. Includes: WebCT for those who haven’t used it before, WebCT for those new to ANU, WebCT expanding your WebCT course site, Alliance for group assignments and research, How to use the plagiarism detection software. REGISTER FOR WORKSHOPS >>

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our current platform is WebCT 4.1. You can find more information and assistance with it on our WebCT support page. This platform will continue to be available and supported throughout 2008.

During 2007-08 the ANU is reviewing the LMS to make it a broader, more modern, and more flexible service for staff and students. The review processes are described in the ANU LMS enhancement process paper.

It starts with a set of requirements identified by teaching staff and by support staff. These will be taken to market in late 2007 or early 2008, to arrive at a shortlist of platforms. In early 2008 the shortlisted candidates will be evaluated in more detail. Shortly afterwards the new platform will be available for staff who are interested to become familiar with it. At the same time the university will start to build up support materials for the platform.

UPDATES: On 28 January a Request For Information (RFI) was sent to a range of vendors in the market. The process is being documented in a progress report document which will be updated as we proceed (current version 12 February)

All interested staff are invited to contribute to the process, at any time. The above papers will be updated as input is provided, and this page will be updated as the process goes forward. To provide any feedback please email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Audio-Visual Services

Audio-visual equipment in teaching rooms, training and help with audio-visual equipment, audio-visual equipment hire, electronic workshop, video conferencing

Computers On Campus

The desktop in your office, PCs in lecture theatres, the location of Information Commons computers, applications on Information Commons computers, web traffic quotas on Information Commons computers

Library Services

Access the Library catalogue and find information on all Library services

Digital Teaching and Learning Resources

Electronic course material, Digital Lecture Delivery ...

From: Information Services for Teaching, ANU ,13 February, 2008

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