Monday, February 25, 2008

ANU Flexible Learning Project

The ANU has a Flexible Learning Project to help staff with designing e-learning content. This is designed to allow students more flexibility with when they study and fit in with northern hemisphere institutions. This will also allow for assessment which is related to learning outcomes, and for more flexible assessment. It also will allow for a planned structure of postgraduate coursework programs and more students.

To help there is a three-year project, with a Flexible Learning Team and a Postgraduate Coursework Development Coordinator. They help the ANU academics create new courses or convert existing ones:
  1. Aligning learning outcomes with course goals and assessment criteria, by
    1. Developing learning outcomes
    2. Mapping assessment against outcomes
    3. Redeveloping course outlines
    4. Developing marking criteria/rubrics
  2. Improving flexibility of engagement by addressing issues associated with
    1. Learning and teaching activities
    2. Sequencing/modularisation
    3. Geographic location of students
    4. Delivery mode
    5. Timing of delivery
    6. Intensity/pace of delivery

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