Thursday, February 14, 2008

Research Instruments: Driving e-Science?

Recommended free seminar in Canberra at ANU by a researcher on e-Science from Oxford University:
Title: Research Instruments: Driving e-Science?

Speaker: Dr Ralph Schroeder

Oxford Internet Institute
University of Oxford

12.30pm Friday 22nd February, The Australian Demographic and Social
Research Institute (ADSRI) Seminar Series, Seminar Room A, Coombs
Building #9, The Australian National University.

e-Science (also known as cyberinfrastructure or e-research), has
been driven by a variety of factors, including national policy
initiatives, the needs of different scientific domains to cope with
the 'data deluge', or needs for specific tools such as high-end
visualization and data processing. This paper will present some of
the research currently ongoing for the 'Oxford e-Social Science
project: Ethical, Legal and Institutional Dynamics of e-Sciences'.
It will also present an argument within the sociology of science
and technology that suggests that knowledge production is
increasingly being driven by research technologies. This argument
will be illustrated with a number of examples from e-Science
projects, placed in the larger context of research policy for
e-Infrastructures, and a typology developed of the different kinds
of research technologies and how their uses can be conceptualized.


Ralph Schroeder is a James Martin research fellow at the Oxford
Internet Institute at Oxford University. He is an investigator on
the Oxford e-Social Science (OeSS) Project. His publications
include the Rethinking Science, Technology and Social Change
(Stanford: Stanford University Press), Possible Worlds: The Social
Dynamic of Virtual Reality Technology (Boulder, CO: Westview, 1996)
and Being There Together: Social Interaction in Virtual
Environments (forthcoming, OUP).


Dr Robert Ackland
Fellow, Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute
College of Arts and Social Sciences
The Australian National University

project site:

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