Monday, February 04, 2008

Watershed for the Networked Organisation

Calling my talk for the CIO City Summit in Sydney A Watershed for the Networked Organisation, may have been tempting fate, as the city has been soaked for several days (flooding the site for a drought proofing desalination plant). That of course has nothing to do with the topic, which is about a metaphorical watershed, being a clearly identifiable point in time when things change. In this case I am arguing that 2008 is when computing changes to carbon neutral, thin client, wireless and open source computing, with VoIP. The case is made easier, as ASUS have announced more versions of their Eee PC. I recently upgraded the software in the sub-notebook version, which now will do a Skype video-conference, which is impressive for a low cost unit. My talk has been moved from Tuesday to Monday (2pm).

The Canberra Technology City (CTC), purpose-built data centre, appears to be proceeding. But it is not clear if there are economies of scale for such facilities.

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