Sunday, May 16, 2010

Canberra Bus Smart Card Ticket System

Contact-less card readers have stared to be installed on Canberra buses, for the "MyWay" smart card system, to be commenced this year. The system was announced by the ACT Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope, last year ("Smart start to new ACTION ticketing system"). The Canberra "ACTION" bus fleet is small and a flat fare structure is being retained, making this a relatively simple installation. So it is likely the problems which have plagued the Sydney and Melbourne smart ticket systems can be avoided.

One potential problem is that passengers will be required to "tag-off" the buses: that is swipe the card at the end of the journey as well as at the begining. As the fare is not distance or time based, there is no need for the passenger to swipe when they get off to calculate the fare. Presumably this is for the convenience of the bus operator to measure patronage. It will be interesting to see how may people actually do this and what problems it causes. The Victorian Government has had to abandon "tag-off" for short tram journeys due to the congestion problems it caused.

Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Jon Stanhope, today announced Downer EDI Engineering Power Pty Ltd would install ACTION's new $8 million smartcard ticketing system.

Mr Stanhope said the contract was awarded after an exhaustive tender and evaluation process which confirmed Downer EDI represented the best value system for Canberra' s bus service.

The new ticketing system, due to commence in the second half of 2010, is modelled on Perth's successful SmartRider system, which was also implemented by Downer EDI.

"Canberrans can look forward to a new ticketing system that is fast, easy and flexible," Mr Stanhope said. "It will offer bus users a reusable and rechargeable card for travel on all ACTION buses.

"Bus users will be able to recharge their smartcard over the internet, phone or at other card facilities across the ACT. A one-use ticket will also be available for casual users and tourists.

"Bus users will be required to tag-on and tag-off buses, which will significantly improve ACTION's capacity to monitor passenger trends and make adjustments to meet changes in demand.

"The new smart card system is an important part of the ACT Government's investment in developing a more efficient and user-friendly bus network.

"I look forward to working with Downer Engineering as we roll-out the smartcard ticketing system across the ACTION network," Mr Stanhope said.

The smartcard uses a microchip that is picked up by a reader without taking it out of a wallet or purse.

The new ticketing system will retain the current flat fares structure. ...

From: Smart start to new ACTION ticketing system, ACT Gvernment, 08/07/2009


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