Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Postgraduate Professional Education with eBooks and Smartphones

I will be speaking on "Using Moodle for Postgraduate Professional Education with eBooks and Smartphones" at Moodlemoot AU 2010, in Melbourne, 11:30am, 12 July 2010 in the Mobile Learning stream.

The first globally accredited Green Information Technology course for computer professionals commenced in January 2009. The course uses Moodle to teach how to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sponsored by the Australian Computer Society as part of an international program for professional education, the course now run at the masters level by the Australian National University. Course designer Tom Worthington discusses how the course uses e-learning with mentored and collaborative techniques and how it has worked with three cohorts of students from around the world. He also discusses the process of having a course approved by Australia's leading university, with no prerequisites, no lectures, no examinations, all open source Creative Commons content and able to be conducted via a smart phone. Some changes to the course in the light of experience with Moodle will also be discussed. The use of the Moodle Book Module to bring together material is a more coherent way will be shown. Tom will also show how it is possible to convert material from a Moodle course to publish an e-book for the Amazon Kindle, a printed paperback and hardback book: http://www.tomw.net.au/green/

From: Using Moodle for Postgraduate Professional Education with eBooks and Smartphones, Tom Worthington, The Australian National University,

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