Monday, May 23, 2011

Using Social Media to keep customers informed in a disaster

Isabelle Johnson, Corporate Communications Manager, Strategic Projects at Ergon Energy will talk on "Social Media - Ergon Energy's experience during Cyclone Yasi" at a RIM Professionals Australasia Queensland Branch Breakfast, 21 June 2011 in Brisbane.
Equally as important as getting the power back on was keeping our customers and stakeholders up to date on our progress.

The social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, were introduced for the first time as a disaster response community communications channel.

This presentation includes an overview of lessons learnt ...

From: "Social Media - Ergon Energy's experience during Cyclone Yasi", RIM Professionals Australasia, 2011
This appears to be an update of the talk "Ergon Energy's social media experience during Cyclone Yasi" given at Queensland State Archives Forum, 29 March 2011. Some excerpts from the slides:
Keeping the public informed during Yasi

• 212,000 calls to contact centre
• news media – wide coverage
• ‘Live read’ safety advertising
• 71,000 website hits
• 10,000 Facebook followers

What led us to use social media

We had in place:

• storm centre website
• social media strategy
• successful trial
• communication process

We wanted to:
• listen and engage
• give our customers
another way to reach us

Social Media – our experience

• Facebook and Twitter hidden but ready
• Observed QPS flood response
• Added value to existing processes
• Command centre – social media room
• Single source of truth
• ‘Lead posters’

Social Media – the risks

• Capturing & reporting safety
• Access to complete, timely info
• Influence, not control

Social Media – the benefits

• Kept customers updated in real time
• Provided a forum to talk & share info
• Built better & stronger relationships

From: "Ergon Energy's social media experience during Cyclone Yasi", Isabelle Johnson, Ergon Energy, for Queensland State Archives Forum, 29 March 2011.
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