Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Certified Computer Professional

The Australian Computer Society sent me a message to say I could apply for a new category of membership, the Certified Computer Professional. This allows limited Professional Indemnity liability, used Professional Standards Legislation.
The message was a little confusing as I am already a "Certified Professional", under the scheme ACS runs accredited by IP3. The Certified Computer Professional builds on this, with recognition in Federal and State legislation limiting liability $1.5M.
My work requires me to have professional indemnity insurance and the premiums are not onerous. So limited liability is not a great attraction. However, this is an added form of recognition, at minimal cost ($40 to apply and $22.73 administration), so I applied.
To be in the scheme I have to maintain my Certified Professional (CP) status, by doing 30 hours of training each year, which is not hard to do with the usual seminars and conferences I attend. Also I have to maintain my insurance and tell my clients that I am part of the scheme and that liability is limited.
The application process is not difficult, requiring a certificate to say I have insurance to be uploaded (the insurer emailed me the needed certificate) and the fee paid by credit card. The process was paperless. One glitch may be that I was then asked to send a certified copy of my insurance certificate. As the certificate was electronic, there is no paper original to make a certified copy of.

One part of the scheme which is not clear is how it effects the requirements from clients. Many contracts have a standard clause requiring a set amount of insurance, typically $5M to $10M. If my liability is capped at $1.5M, will the clients accept this? If they ask for more, am I then barred from those contracts?


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom

I would like to answer you query re the $1.5mill cap on professional indemnity insurance for ACS Certified Computer Professionals.

This is a minimum amount and ACS Certified Computer Professionals have the option of increasing this to a maximum of $10mill.

All they have to do is to nominate the amount of capping (to a maximum of $10mill) on the application form.

In the event of litigation, you are protected by the capped amount and therefore your personal assets would be protected.

I hope this clarifies your query and should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Barry Wong
General Manager Membership Australian Computer Society

Tom Worthington said...

My Australian Computer Society "Certified Computer Professional status has been approved. Apparently this happened 16 May 2011, less than two weeks after I applied (4 May 2011). But I only just found out about it today.

I need to add "Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation" on correspondence.