Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cybersafety training for Australian teachers

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released an online "Cybersafety education program" for teachers. The e-learning course, consists of four modules, taking about three hours in total to complete. A Learner guide is available.

Also offered as part of the Cybersmart Outreach program is Pre-Service Teacher program for universities. Unfortunately ACMA appear to have decided not to make the course materials freely available, requiring registration in the programs. This severely limits their usefulness. ACMA should consider releasing the course materials under a Creative Commons licence, to allow their widespread use, in accordance with Australian Government open access policy.

Learner guide


Welcome to Connect.ed — a cybersafety professional development program for school teachers provided by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) as part of its cybersafety education program. Connect.ed is an exciting new addition to the suite of Cybersafety Outreach workshops designed to provide educators and school communities with appropriate tools and strategies to help children and young people have safe and positive experiences online.

Connect.ed is an interactive learning environment that reflects the digital world in which young people currently live. Connect.ed helps teachers to understand typical online experiences for children and young people, what motivates them to use the internet and other online technologies for much of their social activities, and the pressures and potential risks of being online.

Who should use Connect.ed?

Connect.ed is designed for both primary and secondary school teachers. Teachers across all subject areas and school support staff may also find the program useful in their roles.

The program was developed with input and advice from education experts and it has been tested by working teachers.

Prior knowledge of cybersafety or online technology is not required and teachers do not need to have previous experience with online learning to complete the modules.

Program structure

Connect.ed is engaging and thought-provoking. It will take you into the world of young people using online technologies, and allow you to explore the benefits and dangers of their interactions. Connect.ed is a self-managed, self-paced program that enables learners to schedule their learning according to their availability and preferences. It allows learners to track their progress so the program can be stopped, automatically saved and restarted from the same place as needed. Each module can be completed in approximately 45 minutes. Teachers can choose to further enhance their learning by actioning the suggested school-based activities which are provided as part of each module.

The Connect.ed program has four modules:

  1. The connected world.
  2. Cybersafety and your students.
  3. Schools and the law.
  4. Putting it into practice.

Learners are encouraged to undertake the modules sequentially so that they can progressively build their skills and knowledge. The modules provide a range of learning activities including a simulated online world, case studies and quizzes. By the completion of the program, learners will have developed a cybersafety program or activity based on the ACMA’s comprehensive Cybersmart teaching resources, that can be used in their school.

On completing the four modules, learners can print a certificate of completion.

Learners should contact their relevant state teaching institute to have the completion recorded against their teacher registration information.


The program is fully funded by Australian Government and is freely available to all teachers in both primary and secondary schools.

To register online, visit www.cybersmart.gov.au/outreach.aspx Please note that accounts are valid for a period of three months. If the program is not completed during the three month time period the account will lapse and re- registration is required.

In certain circumstances non-educators may apply to use Connect.ed. To enquire about eligibility, please email: connect.ed(a)acma.gov.au

Before starting

Before starting Connect.ed, learners are encouraged to obtain and read their current school cybersafety and internet/mobile usage policies.


For help with the program, please contact connect.ed(a)acma.gov.au

Cybersmart resources and contacts

A comprehensive range of cybersafety information including information on school workshops is provided by the ACMA’s Cybersmart program, through the Cybersmart website, via the Cybersafety Contact Centre—a national telephone contact centre— and through in-school presentations.

For background materials prior to completing Connect.ed, or more information following the program— Visit: www.cybersmart.gov.au Email: cybersafety(a)acma.gov.au Telephone: Cybersafety Contact Centre 1800 880 176...

From: Learner guide, Cybersafety education program, ACMA, 2011

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