Friday, May 29, 2009

Dealing with a pandemic in an educational institution

An international conference was run from Hong Kong in 2003 on how to deal with the SARS outbreak in university and other educational institutions ("Educational Narratives and Reflections in the time of SARS"). The papers from the conference are available online and would be of value for schools, vocational institutions and universities now considering how to deal with a flu pandemic. Assuming institutions will simply shut down is a dangerous assumption to make.
Paper TitleDescriptionSent in byDate
VITLE classes: HKBU library supporting e-learning during SARS outbreakOn how the VITLE system at HK Baptist University was used to deliver general courses to schools and the public and on a library-run course on searching. (Ref: 76)SOUL System Admin30-MAY-2003 10:15:29
IT Learning meeting notes of 16 April 2003Notes of a meeting of a small group of senior staff commenting on how HKU coped with teaching during SARS. (Ref: 74)SOUL System Admin30-MAY-2003 10:12:56
Does your library disaster preparedness plan have a section on epidemics?
A revised draft written for a library magazine (Ref: 73)SOUL System Admin30-MAY-2003 10:11:48
"Mind the Gap"
A school principal's frustrations. How have others felt? (Ref: 72)McNaught, Carmel26-MAY-2003 13:27:47
From: Educational Nattitives and Reflections in the time of SARS, Hong Kong Web Symposium Consortium, 19-31 May 2003.

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