Thursday, May 07, 2009

Blended Learning Conference 2009

The University of Queensland is hosting "Blended Learning Conference 2009", in Brisbane 18 June 2009. Apart from looking like an interesting event, UQ have a very useful list of web resources on the topic of blended learning:

Blended learning commonly describes learning that combines traditional teaching and learning approaches with information and communication technologies. It is anticipated that blended learning will enhance the student learning experience. A typical example of this would be blending online activities with face-to-face sessions. This can mean using the best of the best - the best use of online learning to enable classroom activities to be active and engaging learning experiences (Graham, 2006).

The major aims of Blended learning are to:

  • use information and communication technologies to support more active approaches to student learning
  • support learning activities that extend outside face-to-face sessions
  • assist students in being better prepared for face-to-face sessions.
From: What is Blended Learning, University of Queensland, 2009.

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