Thursday, April 21, 2016

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, today released a 67 page document entitled "Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy: Enabling innovation, growth & prosperity". The government will create a new position of Special Adviser on Cyber Security. The report says that cyber security governance will be streamlined and "clearly identify lead responsibilities", but unfortunately does not state these, clearly or otherwise. Also the Australian Cyber Security Centre will be moved from the ASIO building to a location most likely elsewhere in Canberra. There is also mention of research being commissioned on cyber security, but no funding.

The document provides a good overview of the problem of cyber-security and shows the authors had an understanding of the issues, but does not provide any actionable solutions. The report ends with what is titled an "Action Plan", but this does not have any firm deadlines nor resource allocation, so it is not really an action plan.

ps: As an example of one challenge see "Cyberwar over the South China Sea".

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