Thursday, April 21, 2016

Building Canberra Innovation

Greetings from the Data 61 office in Canberra where Kate Lundy, Canberra Local Industry Advocate for the ACT Government, is speaking at CollabIT meeting to promote IT development in Canberra. She described a pilot system for "fail fast" Small Business Innovation Partnerships Program (SBIP) for new projects. This is a good initiative, but I suggest following the South Australian Government and simply call this the "Industry Advocate", or "Canberra Industry Advocate". The Canberra initiative will be formally launched next week.

Victor Pantano from University of Canberra described the Knowledge Exchange Internships to commence next semester. Students will work for a semester in a company. Next week the ACT Government is sponsoring "Doing Procurement Better", 27 April 2016.

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