Saturday, October 25, 2014

Innovation ACT Awards

Greetings from the BoatHouse by the Lake in Canberra, where the winners of this years Innovation ACT have just been announced. This followed the pitch night on Wednesday.

The winners were:
  • BehavioMatrix: This team is producing a diagnostic aid for depression. This would use sensors rather than a questionnaire or practitioner's opinion.
  • KRIGE TECH: are offering a smart power system using switches controlled by a smart-home app to reduce energy use.
  • OzGuild: This team scans trading cards for the "Magic: The Gathering" card game.
  • Siege Sloth Games: producing more non-violent computer games (from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment).
  • Vacant Space: provides vacant shops to artists and artisans.
There will be a workshop on 22 November 2014 on what is needed for innovation in Canberra.

Also there was mention of a new China Australia Innovation center at Kingston in Canberra, but I have seen any formal announcement of this.

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