Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cold War Radar as Art in Sydney

Abandoned Nuclear Missile Detection Station, Greenland Icesheet
© Murray Fredericks 2013
digital pigment print on cotton rag
100 x 165 cm framed
(Ref. MF11)
Murray Fredericks Greenland Project  is on exhibition at Annandale Galleries in Sydney until 8 November 2014. These are large scale photographic prints on canvas of stark landscapes of the Greenland ice sheet, which look like paintings. There are also scenes of the USA's Cold War era Dye-3 Distant Early Warning Radar Station. This looks like the fictional Severnaya satellite ground station in the James Bond film "Goldeneye".

The gallery also has a spellbinding video installation "Topophilia" with video and sound of the Borealis.

 There was also a documentary film made about the Dye-3 station: "Nothing On Earth".

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